“Words cannot adequately describe the care and patience that your therapists show with my child.  On his good days and bad days, they never stop trying to help him learn more and more.  I often listen from another room and have to fight back tears as I hear my son spell out words and interact enthusiastically with the therapists.  I hope the Lord had a special place in heaven for therapists that work with children.  Thank you and all of your staff for helping my child, and us.”

J.S. – New Braunfels


“Being able to hear “Mom I lub you,” for the first time ever was such a blessing and we’re thankful for that.  There is no doubt that Himmel Home Health is the Best!”

T.P. – New Braunfels


“My daughter has been improving exponentially.  She went from having a difficult time with army crawl to the possibility of walking.  This is a dream I never thought possible.”

L.T. – Austin


“I would recommend Himmel to others because of the quality of help and care that has been shown throughout the entire process.  Thank you Himmel Home Health!  You have helped to make life easier and better for my son!”

J.T. – San Antonio


“My son’s therapists go above and beyond and have helped us navigate the unfamiliar road of special needs.  I don’t know where we would be without their help! Thank you so much for helping us!!”

A.G. – San Antonio