Our Mission:

We provide empowerment and hope to our patients through quality therapy and advocacy to ensure the brightest futures for the children and communities we serve.

Himmel Home Health uses a client-first approach and has earned an excellent reputation as an agency that provides exceptional therapy services to its patients. This standard continues with quality customer service and professional satisfaction for its therapists and administrative staff.

With that, it is with great pride that we announce that Himmel Home Health was selected as one of the Top Workplaces in San Antonio for the sixth year in a row!  Companies are nominated by its employees, surveyed, and then based on the feedback from the survey Himmel was selected out of over 1,300 nominations.  We are both humbled and honored by this award, and we thank and appreciate each of our employees for making Himmel such a great place to work.  Himmel functions as a unit with everyone putting forth their best efforts, and it’s wonderful to see the hard work pay off.


Special Thanks to several staff members who have been with Himmel for over 5 years!


And even more thanks to those who have been with Himmel for over 10 years of service!



Our main office is located in New Braunfels at:
1004 Mission Dr.
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Here’s what employee’s are saying about Himmel Home Health

I love my job at Himmel because…

This company is very family oriented. They care about their employees and I love the staff I work with. I am very grateful to have been giving the opportunity to work for this awesome company.

I feel that I am able to speak what is on my mind and my bosses truly listen.  They understand what it means to work and have a balance between work and family.  They are genuine when they respond to your requests/concerns and want to ensure that everyone is happy but yet doing what is needed to keep business going.

I have worked for home health companies in the past that put pressure on getting the visit done without taking into consideration the needs of the families. Although the ultimate goal is to make a profit I feel that Himmel cares more for individuals than the final dollar.

It allows me to do my job as I see fit. I am valued as a professional and our patient’s needs are a priority. My job is flexible and I am able to live my life well while maintaining a successful career. The benefits are amazing and my co-workers are professional, supportive, genuine and generous.

Everyone that I have met at Himmel has been great, the environment and all my patients that I have been able to help, is what I love about my job.

First of all, I LOVE the work that I do. It is very rewarding. I have been in this career for 39 years, starting as staff and moving quickly to management for many years and now back to staff; so I’ve been around the block a few times! (Don’t worry…this info will not identify me as Himmel has a number of older staff with this same scenario – another positive!) Himmel is, without a doubt, one of the best employers I have ever had.

I am able to schedule my clients with their best interests and my ‘family’s’ best interest time wise.

I love working with and helping children develop in areas they need help in.

It is flexible and I can do my job the way I see fit. My kids still make progress and I am valued for the work that I do, the therapist that I am and the skills that I bring to the company. I am we’ll paid for my services and the benefits package is amazing. I truly feel that I am part of a family at HHH.

It offers the flexibility I need to have a life outside of work.

My boss is always available and willing to listen to my ideas and concerns. She is very flexible and allows me time to do things with my family when needed.

The people are great and I love what I do.


What do you find most meaningful about working at Himmel Home Health?

I really appreciate the flexibility that HHH provides to all the employees when it comes down to work and family. The owners really show they care about their employees and they are always willing to listen to the employees concerns.

I feel like HHH is a family. My employers and the staff genuinely care about me and the patients we treat.

Knowing that I’m helping my patients the best way that I can.


What impresses you most about senior managers at Himmel Home Health?

What impresses me most is that I feel they have my back when any issue arises and see that it’s unfair. They’ll back you up unlike other companies who just brush aside your concerns.

Their availability to answer questions during the work day.

The senior managers are just normal people.  They don’t have a complex or feel superior to others.  They encourage people to work as a team.

They bend over backwards to help everyone. I am lucky to work for such amazing people.

They truly show a strong interest in each individual and what will make them happy. They allow a lot of flexibility for the professional staff.

For the structure of our companies, we do not necessarily have senior managers. For each location we have a Director of Therapy, and above that is the owner. I do not think that there is anything significant that either of these positions would not understand well. My director is also a practicing therapist. The owner of the company is also a practicing therapist. I feel comfortable at Himmel Home Health because my bosses truly do understand the nature of my work.


What impresses you most about how Himmel Home Health does things efficiently and well?

The Management here at HHH are very strong detail oriented. They take the time to train and develop new employees.

I feel that all employees at HHH understand their role and duties as part of the team. This ensures that everything is organized and efficient. Nothing gets forgotten, and the business as a whole runs smoothly. Also, the employees and management are great communicators, which also helps the business run smoothly.

Himmel is very on top of things, very well organized, every transition we’ve experienced has been very smooth. I hear of my other friends who work for other companies, and our company beats them all in my opinion. Many companies still do everything on paper, other companies have their therapists running all over the city. Isela and Corrine try to keep your kids close by so you’re not running everywhere wasting time driving. I’m so happy with our company, I don’t want to ever leave. Thank you Himmel for everything you do!


What impresses me the most is that everyone here has a voice and the management and owners actually do hear us. Software and certain policies had changed for the better to make work more efficient for everyone in the office and in the field.


What contributes most to your recommending working at Himmel Home Health to others?

The consistent communication between office/management and therapist, as well as support throughout the company. Working with everyone at Himmel really makes me feel like I am on a winning team.

Independence, flexibility, best home health company I know of.

The supportive environment, the positivity in the company, the helpfulness of everyone at HHH.

Respect/appreciation for employees, organization and communication, friendly and welcoming staff.


What do you find most motivational about working for Himmel Home Health?

I am always encouraged to express myself and grow.  We work together as a team and I enjoy the family feel we maintain.

My boss is always willing to listen and hear what I have to say.  She often even takes what I say and will implement my ideas or suggestions.  I feel I can take any problem or concern to her/him and they truly care.

I feel that Himmel makes sure we are set up to be successful; I am never in a position to where I feel I may not have anywhere to find the answers I need.

Everyone one works together.


What contributes to you wanting to stay with Himmel Home Health?

They stand for all the things that I find important.  They believe in a family/work balance and doing things ethically and with integrity.

The owners and flexibility with my schedule. Full healthcare coverage.

The FLEXIBILITY is what I love the most and I need that for my family. The staff and other therapists and the benefits all are strong factors.

The people I work with.

Himmel Home Health provides equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty or veteran status within applicable federal, state and local laws.